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Home Ownership for YouNG Australians

The great Australian dream is to own your own home, but with the ever increasing cost of living, this dream, is out of reach of many young Australians. Australia has a shortage of housing, due to increased immigration approx. 190,000 per year in 2013 and 457 Visa holders approx. 109,000, therefore housing in some parts of Australia is very much sought after. Hence, high rents are asked for and paid.

Governments have tried to boost the housing market by offering first home buyer grants, which is very commendable, but with our current Commonwealth National debt increasing with interest, hospital beds not being filled due to lack of funds to pay staff, aged pensioners living in poverty and thousands homeless, we need to get our priorities right.


  • To give our young Australians the opportunity of owning their own home and access the housing market, One Nation proposes to allow Australians up to the age of 38, to access their accumulated superannuation funds, to use as a deposit to buy their first home.

  • The purchase of the home must be for their sole use, and not an investment property. If the house were to be sold, the funds can be rolled over in to another home for their sole use, or paid back in to their superfund. 

  • We need to look to the future. If we give young Australians the opportunity to access the housing market they are more likely to own their home in their old age. If not, the government is going to have to provide housing. In today’s economy they cannot meet the ever increasing demand.

  • As we have seen in recent years with the Global Financial Crisis, a lot of people lost money from their superannuation funds. This is not only a good investment by putting their money in bricks and mortar, but it also gives them stability and security. More importantly giving them pride in working toward owning their own home, the great Australian dream.

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