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Our Budget Response

18 May 2015

Liberal Federal Government Treasurer Joe Hockey, handed down the budget last week, Tuesday 12th May 2015. This annual budget is designed to inform the Australian people where monies collected by the Government, by way of taxes and other revenue will be spent, and how they intend to collect more revenue. Read More

Reclaim Australia Speech - Pauline Hanson

19 Apr 2015

I would like to welcome everyone here today. Media in some areas, and others, have targeted this as a racist rally, before any Australian has had the opportunity to voice their concerns. For too long we have suffered trial by media, and those with hidden agendas. Let my fellow Australians judge me on what I say, but don’t deny me the right to have my say. Read More

Politics & Rock-N-Roll for Hanson

22 Dec 2014

Newly instated leader of the One Nation party, Pauline Hanson, visited the quiet, rural town of Strathalbyn in South Australia, over the weekend. Invited to attend a breakfast at the town’s Robin Hood Hotel by organisation FLAG Australia (Food Producers and Landowners Action Group), Hanson gave a speech on a variety of topics such as water privatisation, Agenda 21, the right for farmers to farm, youth unemployment and the controversial topic of the Islamisation of Australia. Read More

Australian Farmers are the New Refugees

12 Dec 2014
This week's meeting of farmers in Winton (Western QLD) should be the catalyst to enrage all decent Australians into DEMANDING our Government do something. Read More

Will Australia lose from our China Free Trade Agreement?

10 Nov 2014

Will the Australian-China Free Trade Agreement, which is set to be finalised by Tony Abbott in approximately 1 week, be anything like the one we did with America? Nobody was on watch for Australia when the US/Australia Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act was passed in August 2004! Read More

Genetically Modified Food (GMO) Concerns

04 Sep 2013

Australians have the right to know, if GMO’s can have a detrimental effect on their health. Many people believe they are not safe. Also, why are we allowing Monsanto to take control of food.  Read More

Understanding Agenda 21 a.k.a Sustainable Development

22 Jul 2013

Paul Keating Former Prime Minister of the Labor Party signed Australia up to the UN project known as Agenda 21. To understand why we now have a carbon tax you need to understand what Agenda 21 is about. It is a global treaty. Read More

The US/Australia Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act Passed Aug 2004

12 Jul 2013

Free Trade Agreements (FTA) are agreements relating to trade between two countries. The agreements cover farming, beef, pharmaceuticals, bio security, manufacturing, cotton, steel, wine and more. Read More

Coal Seam Gas (CSG)

02 Jul 2013

Coal seam gas is a form of natural gas of which Australia has relatively large supplies. CSG is a mixture of a number of gases, but is mostly made up of methane (generally 95-97 per cent pure methane). CSG production normally requires a higher density of wells than conventional gas production; however CSG wells are typically shallower than conventional wells and cost much less to drill. Read More

Water Management

02 Jul 2013

We propose the establishment of a Federal funded, no catches, no blackmail, water management plan Australia wide, to ensure adequate storage and supply of water and prevent its degradation. We do not believe in the commercialisation of a God given resource resulting in the exploitation of Australians for the profit of a few. Read More


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