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ADF Undermining Democracy

27 Jan 2016

On Monday 25th January, Ben Fordham from 2GB, aired a segment regarding the ADF that will shock you. The Australian Defence Force has brought out material on its website which supports the overthrowing of our government. Read More

Australia Says No To Terrorists

19 May 2015

The federal government is now in secret negotiations with the lawyers of three Australians who went to Syria to fight for ISIS, who now want to return to Australia after 2 years. Read More

Our Budget Response

18 May 2015

Liberal Federal Government Treasurer Joe Hockey, handed down the budget last week, Tuesday 12th May 2015. This annual budget is designed to inform the Australian people where monies collected by the Government, by way of taxes and other revenue will be spent, and how they intend to collect more revenue. Read More

Melbourne ANZAC Terror Plot

24 Apr 2015

The terrorist plot in Melbourne which the police uncovered and prevented last week brings home once again the fact we are only living on borrowed time before the next fatal terrorist attack in Australia. The police are obviously well onto their job and have already prevented several high profile potential terrorist attacks in our once peaceful country. Read More

Reclaim Australia Speech - Pauline Hanson

19 Apr 2015

I would like to welcome everyone here today. Media in some areas, and others, have targeted this as a racist rally, before any Australian has had the opportunity to voice their concerns. For too long we have suffered trial by media, and those with hidden agendas. Let my fellow Australians judge me on what I say, but don’t deny me the right to have my say. Read More

BRISBANE Islamic TERRORISTS? Surely a mistake!

10 Sep 2014

We sincerely hope we do not offend any muslim groups by mentioning the two terrorist recruiters arrested in Brisbane might be Muslims! Let’s not make anything of the fact they operated out of a bookshop called the “iQraa Islamic Centre” bookshop. I’m sure plenty of Christians and other non muslims also work in muslim centres. We mean they would not discriminate in the workplace. Before we go any further, let's all realise we are writing a satirical article here! Read More

Citizens Initiated Referendum

03 Jul 2013

One Nation accepts that under the Australian Constitution, Sovereignty is ultimately resident in the people. Supreme authority, or power is vested in the people, and the machinery of government is an instrument, whose duty it is to carry out the will of the people. Any changes to the constitution, or adoption of international laws can therefore only be authorised by the people through referendum. Ultimate authority hence resides with the people and not government. Australia must remain a sovereign and democratic Nation devoted to this principle. Read More

Water Management

02 Jul 2013

We propose the establishment of a Federal funded, no catches, no blackmail, water management plan Australia wide, to ensure adequate storage and supply of water and prevent its degradation. We do not believe in the commercialisation of a God given resource resulting in the exploitation of Australians for the profit of a few. Read More

Why We Must Vote NO in the Local Government Referendum

25 Jun 2013

At this coming federal election you will be asked to vote on a referendum. Read More

Preferences - Why Hanson was Not Elected

25 Jun 2013

In 1998, The Howard Liberal Government changed the voting system just prior to the election to stop Pauline Hanson's One Nation, and it worked. Read More


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