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Economic Refugees

06 Nov 2015

While most of us consider where money will come from this Christmas, 12,000 refugees are counting down the days until Australia grants them their biggest Christmas wish, of an estimated $700 million. Read More

It's not just Bronwyn Bishop

03 Aug 2015

The Bronwyn Bishop saga over her spending $5,227.00 on a helicopter flight from Melbourne to Geelong to attend a Liberal Party fundraising function, brought about a warranted public outcry, and opened a can of worms for further investigation of her travel expenses. In doing so, this also produced evidence that she used parliamentary travel entitlements to attend weddings that she was not entitled to claim. She did apologise eventually; the opposition called for her head to roll and she has now stood down as Speaker of the Parliament.  Read More

Increasing the GST - Australians Can't Afford It

20 Jul 2015

Joey Hockey, the federal treasurer, is advocating for the states to raise the GST. He is passing the buck to blame the states, if it is increased.  Read More

Our infrastructure won't cut it

25 May 2015

The first national audit of Australia’s infrastructure handed down last week is not a surprise to most Australians. Roads across our nation, especially those in cities and on the outskirts, are gridlocked early morning and late afternoon and heavily congested during the rest of the day.  Read More

The US/Australia Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act Passed Aug 2004

12 Jul 2013

Free Trade Agreements (FTA) are agreements relating to trade between two countries. The agreements cover farming, beef, pharmaceuticals, bio security, manufacturing, cotton, steel, wine and more. Read More

Coal Seam Gas (CSG)

02 Jul 2013

Coal seam gas is a form of natural gas of which Australia has relatively large supplies. CSG is a mixture of a number of gases, but is mostly made up of methane (generally 95-97 per cent pure methane). CSG production normally requires a higher density of wells than conventional gas production; however CSG wells are typically shallower than conventional wells and cost much less to drill. Read More

Protecting Our Primary Industries

02 Jul 2013

One Nation will protect our primary industries from deregulation and withdraw from international treaties which put us at any disadvantage. Read More

Australian Manufacturing

02 Jul 2013

One Nation opposes Globalism and will withdraw from international treaties that harm our manufacturing industry. Our policy is import replacement; we would restructure, tax, banking, finance and training and reduce energy costs and get rid of the carbon tax, to allow our industry to compete on a true level playing field. Read More

Protecting Our Economy, Social Cohesion & Cultural Heritage

02 Jul 2013

One Nation believes in balanced, zero net immigration (subject to review depending on economic conditions) and that coming to Australia is a privilege that must not be undervalued. We reserve the right of discretion in protecting our economy, social cohesion and cultural heritage. Read More

Jobs for Australians Now and in the Future

24 Jun 2013

We need to support and promote our own home-grown tradesmen and women.  One Nation believe in an apprenticeship scheme that pays businesses 75% of the first year’s wage, 50% of the second and 25% of the third, to employ an apprentice - this would create employment. This will help struggling businesses, get our youth jobs and stop the import of skilled migrants taking jobs that belong to Australians.  Read More


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