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Hanson Calls on Palaszczuk to Investigate Islamic School Funding

12 Feb 2016

Ms Hanson, leader and Queensland Senate candidate for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation said, “In light of the announcement from the Federal Minister for Education Simon Birmingham that Sydney’s largest Muslim school is facing closure after the Federal Government revoked $19 million in annual funding is disturbing to say the least”. Read More


Battling Single Mum Takes On Islamic Schools

11 Feb 2016

Australia’s largest Muslim School may be forced to close after the Federal Government revoked $19 million in annual funding. Located in South West Sydney, Malek Fahd is one of six Islamic schools situated in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide under review due to financial mismanagement and governance failures.  Read More


Manners Banned

22 Oct 2015

We have an ever changing society, as the years pass, new generations take the reins from the old. At the age I am now, I have seen many changes, some for the better, some not. Read More

The Unfair Financial Status of our Tertiary Students

26 Jul 2013

Over the last two generations, Australians have taken great pride, in bettering themselves through additional education – in particular, Tertiary studies through Universities or TAFE Colleges.  Read More


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