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24 Million - Third World Growth

21 Feb 2016

Australia's population has just reached 24 million, 17 years ahead of the Bureau of Statistics modelling. For a Government organisation, the Bureau’s public record disclosure is severely inadequate, making it almost impossible for any Government or opposition to map a future plan for this nation. Read More


Paris Under Siege

14 Nov 2015

Overnight's terrorist attacks on the streets of the most romantic city in the world, does not come as a complete shock to me, just anger and heart felt pain for those affected in a country that is suffering at the hands of Islam for the second time in 12 months. Read More


Economic Refugees

06 Nov 2015

While most of us consider where money will come from this Christmas, 12,000 refugees are counting down the days until Australia grants them their biggest Christmas wish, of an estimated $700 million. Read More

Stopping The Boats

16 Jun 2015

There is a lot of speculation as to whether the Australian Government paid the people smuggling crew $5,000 each to turn a boat back to Indonesia, carrying 65 asylum seekers. Read More

Australia Says No To Terrorists

19 May 2015

The federal government is now in secret negotiations with the lawyers of three Australians who went to Syria to fight for ISIS, who now want to return to Australia after 2 years. Read More

Melbourne ANZAC Terror Plot

24 Apr 2015

The terrorist plot in Melbourne which the police uncovered and prevented last week brings home once again the fact we are only living on borrowed time before the next fatal terrorist attack in Australia. The police are obviously well onto their job and have already prevented several high profile potential terrorist attacks in our once peaceful country. Read More

Close The 186 Visa Loophole

17 Apr 2015

Leader of the One Nation Party, Pauline Hanson, welcomes former Immigration Minister Philip Ruddock’s call for an immediate cut to Australia’s migration program, sighting welfare-dependence by migrants as the nation’s biggest financial drain. Read More

Security is Australia's #1 Issue

12 Jan 2015

The Freedom of Speech rally in Paris yesterday sent a clear message that people are not prepared to endure radicals and their terrorism. Yet, at the same time, the world braces for a further wave of terror as reports come of hit lists and Jihadis being allowed back into Australia after fighting in Syria. Read More

Politics & Rock-N-Roll for Hanson

22 Dec 2014

Newly instated leader of the One Nation party, Pauline Hanson, visited the quiet, rural town of Strathalbyn in South Australia, over the weekend. Invited to attend a breakfast at the town’s Robin Hood Hotel by organisation FLAG Australia (Food Producers and Landowners Action Group), Hanson gave a speech on a variety of topics such as water privatisation, Agenda 21, the right for farmers to farm, youth unemployment and the controversial topic of the Islamisation of Australia. Read More

98% Of Us Must Give Up Our Freedoms Because Of 2%?

14 Oct 2014

The government talks about the economy, unemployment, employment, exports, trade, cost of living, standard of living, education, health and the general wellbeing of our society and the nation as a whole. Unfortunately all this will be meaningless and soon gone if Islamic ideology is applied to the Australian society. Would you start refurnishing the Titanic as it was sinking? Read More


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