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24 Million - Third World Growth

21 Feb 2016

Australia's population has just reached 24 million, 17 years ahead of the Bureau of Statistics modelling. For a Government organisation, the Bureau’s public record disclosure is severely inadequate, making it almost impossible for any Government or opposition to map a future plan for this nation. Read More


Huxham's Bridge Bid Enters QLD Parliament

25 Jan 2016

Pauline Hanson's One Nation candidate for Hinkler, Damian Huxham, has been successful in listing an e-petition on for the Queensland Government to fund and commission a feasibility study in preparation for application to Infrastructure Australia for federal funding of the Hinkler Bridge project.  Read More


Bruce Highway Upgrade - No Grandstanding

24 Jan 2016

Queensland Senate candidate Pauline Hanson has fired a warning shot across the bow of Federal MPs Wyatt Roy and Luke Howarth, warning them “to stop pulling the wool over local’s eyes”. Read More

Our infrastructure won't cut it

25 May 2015

The first national audit of Australia’s infrastructure handed down last week is not a surprise to most Australians. Roads across our nation, especially those in cities and on the outskirts, are gridlocked early morning and late afternoon and heavily congested during the rest of the day.  Read More

Housing - What is it costing Australians?

04 Jul 2013

Many Australians are finding it more and more difficult to own their own homes due to escalating costs and not being able to get out of the rental market.  Read More


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