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Gosford Anglican Church - Statement

15 Aug 2016

Following the weekend’s protest by members of the Party for Freedom who walked into the Gosford Anglican Church wearing Islamic garments and playing the Islamic call to prayer, the group has now thrown attention onto One Nation party leader, Pauline Hanson, through showing their support for her in the way of publishing a picture of the newly elected Senator for Queensland on their Facebook page. Read More


Hanson Calls on Palaszczuk to Investigate Islamic School Funding

12 Feb 2016

Ms Hanson, leader and Queensland Senate candidate for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation said, “In light of the announcement from the Federal Minister for Education Simon Birmingham that Sydney’s largest Muslim school is facing closure after the Federal Government revoked $19 million in annual funding is disturbing to say the least”. Read More


Battling Single Mum Takes On Islamic Schools

11 Feb 2016

Australia’s largest Muslim School may be forced to close after the Federal Government revoked $19 million in annual funding. Located in South West Sydney, Malek Fahd is one of six Islamic schools situated in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide under review due to financial mismanagement and governance failures.  Read More


ADF Undermining Democracy

27 Jan 2016

On Monday 25th January, Ben Fordham from 2GB, aired a segment regarding the ADF that will shock you. The Australian Defence Force has brought out material on its website which supports the overthrowing of our government. Read More


Paris Under Siege

14 Nov 2015

Overnight's terrorist attacks on the streets of the most romantic city in the world, does not come as a complete shock to me, just anger and heart felt pain for those affected in a country that is suffering at the hands of Islam for the second time in 12 months. Read More

Fleurieu - Between a rock and a hard place

05 Jun 2015

During my visit to South Australia I was asked if I would like to visit the Fleurieu Milk factory. I was well aware this is the factory that was pilloried from the public for Halal Certifying its product. Because of the public backlash, they then pulled out of it only to once again be condemned from the pro Halal supporters. I was pleased I took the time to visit the factory. I want to support the Australian company, but also stand by my principals of not wanting to pay a Halal tax. Hence I have come to a better understanding as to what must be done in relation to Halal Certification. Read More

Australia Says No To Terrorists

19 May 2015

The federal government is now in secret negotiations with the lawyers of three Australians who went to Syria to fight for ISIS, who now want to return to Australia after 2 years. Read More

Melbourne ANZAC Terror Plot

24 Apr 2015

The terrorist plot in Melbourne which the police uncovered and prevented last week brings home once again the fact we are only living on borrowed time before the next fatal terrorist attack in Australia. The police are obviously well onto their job and have already prevented several high profile potential terrorist attacks in our once peaceful country. Read More

Politicians Need To Toughen Up

20 Apr 2015

Ahead of Australia’s 100 year anniversary of the ANZACs landing at Gallipoli, the Federal Police have foiled a terrorist attack, aimed at causing mayhem and dishonour to those who fought for our country at this years ANZAC Day March in Melbourne. Read More

Reclaim Australia Speech - Pauline Hanson

19 Apr 2015

I would like to welcome everyone here today. Media in some areas, and others, have targeted this as a racist rally, before any Australian has had the opportunity to voice their concerns. For too long we have suffered trial by media, and those with hidden agendas. Let my fellow Australians judge me on what I say, but don’t deny me the right to have my say. Read More


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